Scott Feister, Ph.D.

Computer Scientist and Physicist
Supercomputers and Giant Lasers

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I am an Assistant Researcher in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at University of California, Los Angeles. I specialize in using high performance computing to simulate the physical processes in plasma flows. I am also currently a part-time Lecturer at California State University, Channel Islands, where I share my research with students and teach courses in Computer Science and Applied Physics.

As a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Flash Center for Computational Science (University of Chicago), I used high performance computing and computational data analysis to study turbulent plasmas created with high energy lasers. Magnetized plasmas exist throughout the universe and are created for brief moments on Earth by focusing the world's most powerful lasers onto carefully crafted, millimeter-sized targets. By using simulations to design and interpret experiments, my research utilizes both my computational and experimental background. I internationally collaborated on scientific projects in laboratory astrophysics at the Omega Laser (Rochester, NY) and the National Ignition Facility (Livermore, CA).

During doctoral studies at The Ohio State University, and as a Research Scientist / Engineer contracting for the Air Force Research Laboratory, I blended computational and experimental methods to study efficient electron and ion acceleration by high-intensity lasers (1018 W/cm2) at kHz repetition rate. This experimental research put me at the forefront bringing intense-laser technology into industrial development. Also during my doctoral studies, I designed, physically built, and maintained large sections of Ohio State's 400 Terawatt Scarlet Laser, invented and built high-acquisition-rate plasma diagnostics, and implemented hardware and software infrastructure for gigabyte-throughput data acquisition and analysis.

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