Scott Feister, Ph.D.

Laser/Plasma Physicist
Wonders often: Is fusion our future?

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As a postdoctoral scholar at the Flash Center for Computational Science (University of Chicago), Scott is studying the physics of particle acceleration within turbulent plasmas. Such plasmas exist throughout the universe and are created for brief moments on Earth by focusing the world's most powerful lasers onto carefully crafted, millimeter-scale structures. Scott's research method incorporates his experimental background into the Flash Center's computational framework. His work is in design and interpretation of scientific experiments which use large government lasers like OMEGA and the National Ignition Facility.

Scott defended his Ph.D. dissertation in experimental laser/plasma physics in May 2016 at The Ohio State University. Jointly a member of the High Energy Density Physics group and a research scientist at the Air Force Research Laboratory, his primary study was efficient electron and ion acceleration by high-intensity lasers (1018 W/cm2) at kHz repetition rate. On the technical side, he designed, physically built and maintained large sections of Ohio State's 400 Terawatt Scarlet laser, invented and built high-acquisition-rate plasma diagnostics, and implemented hardware and software infrastructure for gigabyte-throughput data acquisition and analysis.

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